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With thanks, we welcome you to the New Year, 2020. We are grateful to the Almighty God, who saw us through the turbulence of 2019 and counted us worthy to be in 2020. He is indeed a loving Father.

We appreciate you for being there for us all through 2019 and look forward to a stronger bond in 2020. We will be exceedingly glad if you will like our page, share our posts, and invite your friends to be part of this community.

We say, “Welcome to 2020: Be happy, be Joyful, & Rise above your Imaginations.” From all of us @ KmacIMS Education Annex.

In 2020, we are looking forward to impacting lives and help make our nation a better place. Hence, we shall be publishing materials that will touch lives and add value to our readers.

We shall publish materials in:

  1. Education and academic research
  2. Business and finance
  3. Information technology

Among the articles you will look forward to including:

  1. Qualities of a good leader: Leadership traits to succeed in 2020 (career development): Do you want to achieve your set goals in 2020? A good leader leads from inward to outward. At the beginning of every New Year, many people will resolve what to and what not to do. Experience has shown that most resolutions do not go past the first quarter of the year. This is not because people do not want to continue with their resolution, but because they did not plan ahead of time. In this article, we discussed the critical qualities of a good leader using Nehemiah and Moses as case studies. The qualities of these great leaders can transform any vision into reality. Do you really have a goal? Explore and master the qualities that will make you successful by clicking here. What qualities do you think we left out?
  2. Marital Conflicts and child education (education research): Conflict is inevitable in society. It is even more intense in the family void of understanding. When two people of different background, ideology and orientation live together there tend to be conflict. But how does this affect the offspring of the union? This simple research work looked at marital conflict and how it affects the education of children. There is a saying that says, “when two elephants fight, the grass suffers”. Is this saying true to child education in a conflict ravaging home? This research answered the question. Make your contribution and share it with others. Let’s educate society and make our country a better place. Comment by visiting the page.
  3. Socio-Religious implications of the Osu-Caste system in Igboland (academic research): The Osu caste system was practiced in Igbo land before the advent of modern civilization. Although, some parts of Igboland are still practicing the system today, as the research revealed. This research tried to identify the social and religious implications of this caste system. You can feel free to link or cite it in your projects and research works. Please, don’t fail to share with others.
  4. Role of the church in the upbringing of a child (academic research): Modern sociology identified different agents of socialization, including mass media and technology. Among the so-called agents of socialization, only religion has an impressed moral standard. These standards if adhered to by the adherents should bring the best out of an individual. How true is this saying in a society with massive moral decadence, even in the religious institutions? Can the church/ mosque make the best out of a child? This academic research project evaluated the role of the church in bringing up a child. You can share it with your friends & undergraduates. It can pass as a full fledge project work.
  5. The rapture and living in 2020 (education research): On the 2019 crossover night service, a man came to the altar to testify that, “Jesus is Coming Soon.” If Jesus comes now how will it affect you? Will you remain or be taken? The idea of rapture in the New Testament is one of the most confusing scriptures. We do not have the word rapture in the Bible, but the scripture tells us that Jesus is coming again (1Corinthians 4:16-17). This research looks at the concept of rapture and its importance to our daily living. If we live with the consciousness that Christ is coming soon, our world will be a better place. What do you think about the rapture? Share with others.
  6. Single Parenthood and the health of society (education research): Is it possible to have a society free of crime, falsehood, corruption, and the likes? In my opinion, YES, but some say NO. Family and parenting is the greatest tool for building a perfect society. We all know that family is transitional; values are passed on from generation to generation. A good family should beget a good family, and a bad family has the tendency of breeding corruption. How has single-parenting affected the quality of our society today? Can we make amends for the future? Your opinion is highly needed in this one because we all have our family values. Visit this article here, and comment. Share with others and enrich their knowledge. This article is available for students researching on the topic of single parenting.
  7. How to set Breakthrough goals in 2020 and beyond (business & finance): There is a common saying that, “if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.” One major reason small businesses fail is that they have bogus goals that are not attainable. When you ask some of them, they will say, “I have faith that it will work.” We tend to bring in religion without adequate knowledge of it while planning. Goals are meant to be achievable at your set time. What are your goals in 2020? Are they achievable? In this article, we shall discuss how to set SMART goals. We will take you through a series of practices that will help you ensure that your goals are indeed SMART. Don’t miss out early, show your commitment by registering here.
  8. Business analytical tools for startups and growing businesses (business & finance): Business success or failure can be measured. We have been armed with financial tools that can assist us to track the success or failure of any business. Some of these tools are simple to use, while others are complex. In this article, we shall be discussing business modes, especially, the BMC (Business Model Canvas). Further, we shall look at SWOT, USP and KPIs and how they affect small businesses. You will never walk alone, sign up for this article today.
  9. How to conduct a financial comparison of alternative business strategies (business & finance): What will you do when you are caught in between two options? Let’s assume that you want to choose between buying a delivering van and machinery. Or that you want to choose between a radio advert and online advertising. What will influence your decision? How will you make your decision? Do you have any laid down principles or rules to follow in order to arrive at the most valuable decision? How to make the best decision when faced with such a situation is what we shall learn in this article. Whether your options are big or small, our laid down principles will guide to making the most profitable decision. Be the first to receive the article as soon as it is published, click here to sign up.
  10. Understanding transaction reporting as a business tool (business and finance): Transaction is the livewire of every business; this is because every business makes transactions. Transaction is an exchange that could involve goods, services or financial instruments. Many small businesses do not consider documentation as an option when transactions are made. This is not good. Every business aspiring to grow needs documentation. This can be when items are bought and sold, a staff is employed, payments are made, etc. Most startups lack knowledge of reporting such transactions. This is what we shall be learning in this article. We shall consider what kinds of transactions need reporting, and software that will aid documentation. Catchup with this article early by subscribing here.
  11. Building websites with WordPress cms without coding knowledge (information technology & creative education): Do you know that you can build a beautiful WordPress website without coding knowledge? Speedy delivery of service is important in today’s business world. Businesses are keen to associate with people who can take advantage of technology to deliver speedy services. This is also true to website building and administration. Though the knowledge of HTML, CSS & JS is invaluable, one can still create beautiful & functional websites without coding knowledge. Different platforms have made it so. We have the likes of Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, etc. But how can you achieve this feat? This is what we shall learn in this tutorial series. We shall learn how to build a website using WordPress cms. Are you interested to learn this? Indicate your interest by filling out this form.
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