IT and Education Consulting


We offer IT and education consulting services to our clients. This is where we have been before including online services.

We offer different IT and training consulting services to provide quality equipment and training to individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions. Our IT and consulting services provide:

quality IT equipment to private and public organizations

quality training services for skill development and career advancement

expert advice and solution to problems relating to IT and creative education

Our basic IT and education consulting services include:

Computer sales and supplies

We have the capacity to supply computers of different sizes to individuals, businesses, institutions, and organizations. Our computer equipment supplies include desktops, laptops and networking equipment of various sizes. As registered HP partners, all equipment supplied has a one-year warranty, which can also be extended.

IT equipment supply service

Computer equipment installations and maintenance

We also provide hardware and software installation services to individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions. It is our duty to install relevant software inline with your individual, organization, business or institution needs.

it installation services

Indoor and outdoor instructor-led training

We provide instructor-led IT training services. Our training assist students, applicants, employees, and employers gain knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving IT sector. Training includes basic, intermediate and advanced IT skills in computer education and operations, system engineering, web designing, graphic designing, Microsoft Excel and programming.

IT & Education training and consulting service