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How to Manage Cloud Storage for Personal and Business Use [A Guide]

Manage cloud storage for free
The cloud is a safe and secure place to store personal and business files, whether for collaboration or sharing. To manage cloud storage, you will need to sign up with one of the numerous cloud service providers. Apart from the big names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, other cloud providers exist. Some of these cloud service providers give access to more free storage space than the big names. For example, Amazon gives 5gb, Microsoft 10gb, and Google 15gb but Blomp beta offers 20gb free storage space.

3 Free Cloud Storage Platforms that syncs with your Devices

Before the advent of free cloud storage, different secondary storage devices were developed to manage data storage. As the size of data increases, the sizes of storage devices also increased and became more portable. Individuals and businesses were purchasing the devices that suit their need for backups and daily usage. Not until 2006 when Amazon launched their cloud infrastructure; followed by Dropbox and Microsoft in 2007, and Google in 2010. Cloud computing was never rampant in the early 2000s, even today, many people have not heard of it.
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