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Top 6 Easy to Process JPG File to PDF Converter

JPG file to PDF converter is an electronic tool that facilitates the processing of images into PDF files.

Images are an important part of a document. They are useful additions that enhance understanding of a message being passed across. Also, image is known to boast document interaction – whether electronic or print – it has a way of drawing someone’s attention.

When it comes to transforming images for sharing or printing, it’s ideal to convert them into PDF document format.

There are different tools that help you to save an image as a PDF document. Many of these tools are free to use.

In this article, I will discuss the various tools that can help you process image files into PDF documents. If you are ready to explore the options, let’s get started.

Free JPG File to PDF Converter Tools

WPS Office

WPS Office is a popular Word Processing app popularly used in mobile devices and desktop systems. You can use it to create and edit documents in simple steps as well as convert images to PDF.

If you want to proceed with document customization, then WPS Office is the perfect choice for you. It functions best for adjusting the down-sampling and compression of pictures.

Besides that, users can easily set the page size and orientation for the newly generated PDF documents. You can also navigate to the main interface of WPS Office, and make click on the Picture to PDF button.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the left pane of this interface, a window will prompt. This is where you have to drag and drop the existing picture file in the designated box, or even you can hit the plus (+) icon for adding files.

Prior to proceeding with conversion, there are a wide array of options for customization: At Output mode, you could choose to merge the picture into an editable PDF or simply transform them one by one. 

  • At Export format, users could make a selection for the paper size including A4 and A3, and even its original size
  • At orientation, users can easily set the orientation of the size paper as Landscape or Portrait as well
  • At Margins, users can proceed with the settings for the margins as Wide, Narrow, or None
  • After setting, users could make click on the Convert button to commence the JPG to PDF conversion process

Moreover, you could choose a single or multiple images, just press the Shift Key for choosing several images simultaneously. Then, click on OK.

At last, all you need is to add a new name for the newly generated PDF document file in the Output Name option.

Once the conversion is terminated, you could open and access the converted PDF file by making a click on the View File. 


Cardscanner.co is a desktop-based application that offers freeware JPG file to PDF converter. Users can save images as a separate PDF or combine all photos into a single PDF for free. 

jpg file to pdf converter

This tool provides Android and IOS apps that enable users to scan through images using OCR technology.

No matter what type of image formats including jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, or others you have, this online desktop-based application lets you make conversions for all.

This platform patiently lets you proceed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) dependent conversions, which means you can quickly make text extraction with this assistance.

You can use the online JPG to PDF converter that lets you make conversions in three different and efficient ways:

  1. Convert every single image as a single editable PDF file
  2. Combine all the uploaded images into a single PDF file. 
  3. Provides OCR technology that extracts text from images and stores them into editable PDF file

The conversion process is simple and easy to accomplish with a few clicks. You can get the image to text, jpg to excel, png to pdf, and more tools for free.

The most apparent reason to list down this online converter is that it lets you process your batch files for free without compromising quality and formatting.

Small PDF

This is the best and most reliable JPG file to PDF converter because of its wide range of features and correct conversion.

This converter allows the user to perform the whole conversion online and doesn’t save the user-uploaded images anywhere.

jpg to pdf converter

With its help, you can easily convert images stored in Google Drive or Dropbox. It provides these features so you can select images from both locations with a few clicks.

This converter has made the conversion from JPG to PDF just a piece of cake. To make it easier, it has provided a drag-or-drop facility to the users. So that the users can easily drag the images into the toolbox of the converter to process the conversion.

This converter supports various image formats such as BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPG etc. Meanwhile, you can easily convert your images if they are available in any of the above-written formats.

It handles image privacy by permanently removing the user’s uploaded image or the converted files after performing the conversion. 


This is another online file conversion desktop-dependent program that is loaded with more than 100 converters. Users can convert nearly all types of formats to and from other compatible file types with this online assistance.

If you want to convert your existing images into optimal quality PDF files, then this is referred to as the full-fledged source that entertains you with a free online JPG to PDF converter.

jpg converter to pdf

Moreover, you can make all types of PDF conversions such as PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PNG to PDF, SVG to PDF, Word doc to PDF, and more.

You can then save the jpg as a pdf online by using the advanced settings option provided by this online picture to pdf converter. 

Additionally, you can compress, split, merge, lock, and unlock converted PDF documents with this free online file converter.

Moreover, there you can encounter freeware converters for different file types such as image, document, eBook, pdf, audio, and video. 

JPG to PDF Converter

Another great online JPG to PDF conversion tool is JPG to PDF converter. It provides the user with a lot of features that make conversions easy.

It has eliminated the need to install software on your device and wait for the completion of the installation process. This JPG to PDF converter just requires you to have a stable internet connection and that’s enough.

image to pdf converter

Fast batch conversions make this online converter one of the best conversion tools as it allows users to perform several image conversions in a few seconds. With its help, you can also convert multiple images into one single PDF file in a blink of an eye.

It does not require the user to go through any kind of registration or signup process for performing the conversions. Unlike other converters, it does not leave any watermark on the converted files so that the user can use them easily. 

Adobe Acrobat

Converting jpg to pdf format is pretty simple with the natural assistance of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC program. Users simply require to add the image file into the main window, wait for a couple of seconds, and download the newly converted PDF documents.

You can process conversions with it using all modern browsers on both Windows and Mac platforms. 

The upside is that this desktop version program stands out with Adobe Document Cloud integration. This means that users can transform, share, store, and access their files without any hassle.

Once the file transformation is completed, just make a single click to save the converted file on your device. 


PDF is the most commonly used document format because of its accessibility on approximately all smart devices. This is why it is popularly used in most workplaces to store and share documents.

Whether you are a student, teacher, employer, employee, etc converting image files to PDF file format is ideal for easy access. In this situation, a JPG to PDF converter comes in handy because it allows you to easily and quickly convert image files into PDF documents.

Now that we have done justice to this, I will love to hear from you. There are numerous file conversion tools online, which ones are you using? Which of the mentioned tools do you prefer?

You can also suggest some tools that you think we can add to the list. To go ahead, use the comment box below. 

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