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Web Design Services for Small Businesses: What is web designing

Different platforms have made web design services for small businesses to be easy and simple. With the growth of these ‘codeless’ platforms, small businesses with limited capital can easily create websites without coding knowledge.


The following summarizes the content of this article:

  • Web designing is a process of creating, editing, and managing content that will be displayed online using the internet.
  • There are different platforms anyone can use to start creating a website, even without coding knowledge.
  • Some of them include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Webflow, and Tribe.
  • We identified five (5) stages of web designing, especially those new to web designing. They are the conception, planning, design, publishing, and maintenance stages.
  • Web design services for small businesses can include but not limited to the following: brand identity design, UX/UI design, responsive/ adaptive design, WordPress design services, e-commerce design services, and SEO services.

Different platforms have made web design services for small businesses to be easy and simple. With the growth of these ‘codeless’ platforms, small businesses with limited capital can easily create websites without coding knowledge.

Some of the platforms that have made web design services for small businesses easy and simple include:

  • WordPress – With the availability of free and premium templates, people without coding knowledge can create a website with ease.
  • WixWith its simplicity and free hosting service, small business web design service is a breeze.
  • Weebly – An easy-to-use web design platform for everyone. Small businesses can get started creating a website without any assistance.
  • Squarespace – An amazing web design platform with a 14-day free trial. The platform is great for regular and e-commerce web design services.
  • Webflow – A platform for building a professional and custom website without coding knowledge. Get started for free.
  • Tribe – A smart e-commerce platform for e-commerce web design services with no setup costs.
  • Designmodo – Simple platform for creating websites and email templates. Great platform for startups.
  • Brizy Cloud – Easily create landing pages, blogs, and websites with Brizy cloud drag and drop builder. Start with a free account.

In as much as the above platforms are easy to use, businesses may need the services of a web designer. This is because they do not have the expertise required to manage a website. As a result, small businesses should expect the under-listed web design services when they hire a client. However, if you want to follow-up or create the website by yourself, follow through with this article.

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What is web designing?

Web designing is a process of creating, editing, and managing content that will be displayed online. It is a skill that embodies creativity and basic knowledge of computers and information technology. When discussing what makes up web designing, we look at the contents that people who browse webpages see.

Web designing involves the putting together and laying out of fonts, colors, shapes, images, and interactive elements for online access. Typography and images make up the content of a website. These contents are structured, categorized, and placed at strategic locations on the website for a better user experience (UX).

Stages of Web Designing

1. The conception stage:

Web designing is a creative art, hence it begins with inspiration. A designer usually begins by imaging in your mind structure and layouts that will make for a great user experience. Such images can be sketched on paper and fine-tuned. Apart from fresh design ideas, one can also get design inspiration from other websites.

web design services for small businesses - sketching a website
Hand-crafting a Web page

There are websites where you can get design inspiration from. Some of them are Behance, Awwwards, CSSNectar, Abduzeedo, SiteInspire, etc.

2. Planning stage:

After putting the sketch on paper, the next stage is how to implement and bring it to reality. At this stage, understanding the purpose and content of the website is very critical. The content will determine how you will assign roles or outsource services. The content will determine the number of web pages, images, and video that is required.

This stage requires that you identify the following:

  1. Identify or ask the client the purpose of the website and anticipated goals. Some clients may want you to figure this out yourself.
  2. Ask for the business brand identity. This includes colors, fonts, and images that represent the company’s culture. When designing a small business website, you’ll notice that you’ll figure this out yourself.
  3. Ask for the possible content of the website. This includes information relating to history, services, values, products, contact, images.
  4. Assign roles and outsource services as the need may arise based on a specified timeline.

If you choose us to create your website, you will be required to contact us first. After which we will send to you a client info request form. We expect our client to give information relating to the purpose and possible goals of the website on this form.

web design services - client info

Meanwhile, you can get the detailed flow of steps we take while creating a website for a client here.

3. The design stage:

It is important that you allow the website owner to choose the desired platform for his/her business website. Whether it is a blog, business, portfolio, or e-commerce website, the platform matters. As listed above, different platforms exist for deploying a website. Apart from Squarespace, all the platforms listed above have unlimited free accounts to deploy your website.

However, for business sustenance, you should choose a paid platform and host your website with a registered domain. You can visit each platform with its links and choose the one with the least hosting cost. Moreover, you may decide to choose a web hosting company and deploy your website directly on their server.

Meanwhile, you can contact us for your website design services. Our WordPress website design services are equal to known. Just give us a try. We can use any platform of your choice, however, there are platforms that we regularly work with.

Some of these platforms are exclusive for different design purposes. For example for e-commerce web design services, we usually prefer Shopify, Ecwid, and Wix. There are great platforms that we have worked with such as BigCommerce, Prestashop, SquareSpace, etc. I think, one of the determining factors when choosing an e-commerce web design service is the availability of funds. Many small businesses who cannot afford the cost of using Shopify can choose Wix commerce or Prestashop.

Start your Online Store today, contact us for a fulfilling e-commerce web design service.

4. Publishing the website

An important factor in web design services for small businesses is to ensure that your design is approved before publication. Usually, the design process can be preceded by the ‘under construction’ web page to discourage public access to the site.

As soon as the website owner approves the design, the next thing is to publish it and make it public. Publishing a website does not mean that all work is done. As for us at Kmacims, we give a period of 14 days before terminating the contract. This is the period of testing and evaluation to ensure that there are no errors. During this period, if errors are reported, we will ensure that they are fixed before terminating the contract.

5. Maintenance stage

Web design services for small businesses did not end after publication, testing and evaluation are over. It begins immediately after this stage. This is the stage of maintenance. A website that is left fallow cannot rank in Google. One of Google’s ranking factors includes regular updates of your website.

At this stage, you will ensure that you promote your website using on-page and off-page SEO services. Also, you will consider local and international SEO techniques that will work for you.

Different website management services make up web design services for small businesses. We shall look at them below.

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    Web Design Services for Small Businesses

    Small businesses can create a website on their own. They may also seek the services of professional web designers. Whether they create a website or use a professional web designer, maintaining the website is more important than its creation.

    Some of the web design services for small businesses including but not limited to the following services:

    1. Brand identity design

    Some website design companies provide their clients with brand identity. It may come as part of the cost of the website or as a separate charge. This includes logo, letterhead, business cards, etc. The key to brand identity is logo design. We at Kmacims offer logo design services for our clients.

    2. UX/ UI design

    Web design service for small businesses is incomplete without a flexible user interface design. Great websites are designed with the users in the mind. Hence, UX/UI design is one of the most important aspects of a website design service. The design strategy to be adopted here depends on the type of website you are creating. For example, the purpose of a portfolio website is different from that of a business website.

    3. Responsive website design

    There are two design options when creating a website: responsive design and adaptive design. A responsive website fits automatically to the screen size used to access the website. This is the most used design in recent times. Adaptive design uses breakpoints to fit a device’s screen. These breakpoints are based on device screen size, e.g. 320px, 1200px, etc.

    4. WordPress web design service

    WordPress powers the majority of the websites in the world and it’s flexible to customize. Web design services for small businesses that include WordPress web design services include:

    • designing, redesigning, and customizing WordPress templates
    • the domain name and hosting services
    • website updates and content creation
    • website backups and migration
    • sitemap creation and upload
    • On-page technical SEO
    • webmaster integration, etc

    With WordPress, we can create any type of website, including personal, blog, business, e-commerce, and portfolio websites.

    web design services - maintenance services - kmacims

    The above services and more are included in our website design maintenance services for small businesses. Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we can create an amazing online store for your products.

    5. e-commerce web design services

    As we have partly discussed above, e-commerce web design services include the creation and maintenance of an online store. Online shopping is growing in recent times and businesses have the potential to reach out to the entire world. With e-commerce web design services for small businesses, small businesses will have a limitless capacity to sell their products. Web design services for small businesses under this category depend on the platform. There are different e-commerce platforms to choose from when creating an e-commerce website. This is to ensure smooth selling and a better customer experience.

    6. SEO services

    One major web design service for small businesses that are hidden in web designing is SEO services. SEO means search engine optimization. It comes as a separate service, but the on-page technical SEO is inclusive when designing a website. Because SEO is not done just once, say, when a website is created, small businesses ought to invest in it.

    Therefore, SEO services are embedded as one of the services, website design companies offer to their clients. For example, Kmacims | Education Annex offers SEO as a separate service for her clients.

    If you are new to web designing, when considering web design services for small businesses, always remember SEO. It is important if you want the website to be discovered and be ranked on the Search Engine Result Pages.

    SEO services may include, but not limited to services like:

    • meta, title, and on-page optimization
    • off-page and local search optimization
    • link building
    • webmaster integration
    • search engine marketing (SEM) services, etc

    At times, small businesses ignore SEO, but the essence is to make your website discoverable by the public. If you create a website that is not seen, what good is it?


    Web design services for small businesses defer from one website Design Company to another. Some companies encompass as many web design services as possible while others offer limited functionality. A full-fledged website design company will offer website design services, website maintenance services, and SEO services.

    However, because SEO is a complex service, many SEO companies are dedicated to this service only.

    As a small business or individual with the urge to own or create a website for your business. There is always starting point. The truth is that you cannot easily combine the running of your business with the maintenance of your website. It is, therefore, necessary for you to search for a website design company to handle such services for you.

    If you are looking for one, you have come to the right place. We can create a stunning website for you from the scratch. To get started, check out our offer for different types of websites.

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