If you choose us to design your website, this is how it works from the time you contact us till the job is done.

Select a service


Browse through the list of our web design services, and select the service(s) of your choice, and contact us.

We'll send across to you our client info request form (You'll appropriately fill the form with your expected design detail). Once we receive the client info request form from you, we will compile a detailed list of services and milestones depending on the product and your design expectation [Design Proposal].

receive client design info and compile a design timeline


Confirm and modify proposed design


After you have received the proposal and studied it, you will approve the proposed design by signing the [Design Proposal] or by sending an acceptance email to us. If there are modifications to the design, indicate the changes in your acceptance mail. If changes were made by you to our proposed design, we will recompile the proposed design to reflect the changes and resend it across for your approval.

After you approve the design, we will send you a quotation/ invoice based on the milestones to be covered alongside a contract agreement document. Upon receipt of the contract agreement document, you will sign it and send a signed copy back to us. This marks the beginning of the contract.

After client approves design an invoice is sent that'll cover cost of design


Client submits working documents and design beigins per milestone


You will then be expected to submit all working documents including images required to start the job. After each milestone, we will communicate to you for approval. Upon your approval, we will go to the next milestone.

When all work is complete, we will send to you a winding-up document to terminate the contract. Once you acknowledge this document, the web design contract will be terminated.

Job is completed and contract terminate


NOTE: Other Services

For website maintenance, and SEO services, contract terminates once a client did not subscribe for the subsequent month.