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Our Story

Why we Need You!

With creative education and mind development we can transform our nation to the better.

This we cannot achieve alone but through the help of those who believe in the power of education and those who wish well for Nigeria and Nigerians. If we can work together, the face of Nigeria will be transformed. Be part of this drive!

Our Story

The Story

With creative education and mind development we can transform our nation to the better.

The Story

Some have said that education in Nigeria will collapse in the next twenty years, and many believed them. If you want to join them, understand that in 20 years you will not have educationists to educate and train your children, your children children and many more. Also, your children and children children cannot be experts in their chosen fields.

This means that there will be a scarcity of professionals to handle relevant tasks in different fields of human endeavours, including medicine.

Our Commitment

We want our younger generation to understand the power of education in mankind and nation-building. We want them to think like leaders and problem solvers. We want them to change the way they think through mind development. We want to plant in them the right education through creative education.

This will expose the creative ability trapped within them. These innate creativity could not find expression due to the urge for certificate, money, and power. We want them to understand that the right education will guarantee these.

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Who We Are

KmacIMS | Education Annex is an organization established to do business in Nigeria. Our purpose is to serve the public by providing learning tools and materials that are not found in most education curriculum, especially, in third world countries.

Our mission is to build a community of creative and intellectual ready leaders who can help transform our nation. To achieve this, we are creating courses, training groups and individuals, connecting with people and institutions of learning who will help drive this vision.

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Our Objective

People who depend on formal education these days end up becoming a nuisance to society. They do not possess the requisite skills and knowledge required to be gainfully employed.

Because of their lack of creativity and skill, they cannot do anything to help themselves but remain underemployed or miserable. We have made it easy for you to improve your skills at your pace.

Browse through our courses and start your training today. You will surely gain the skills you need to land your dream job or start & grow your dream business. Its all in you, bring it out, we are here to help. It’s free.

Also, creative education is fast phasing out. We are inculcating in our younger generations creative abilities that will help them grow and develop their inborn talents. We want them to understand that knowledge is wealth and power. Hence, if they can learn, grow and develop their creative abilities, they will attain any height they desire.

Our Values

Every transformation begins in the mind. With quality education, minds are shaped to take control of the future. This is at the heart of our values. We are therefore committed to:

  1. Mind development: shaping and developing young minds to take control of their future.
  2. Creative education: assisting people to bring out their innate capacity and capability to assist the society.
  3. Inclusive participation: building a community of creative and productive people that will turn things around in the society.
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