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About us

Education does not end in the classroom, it continues till the end of life.

Kmacims | Education Annex is an education website that specializes in website design, business development, and eLearning services.
Our focus is to help students, job seekers, startups, and businesses. We help students and applicants build a formidable career path.
Also, we create, launch, and manage websites that convert for startups and businesses; and provide affordable SEO services to our clients. You can start today with a free course or contact us for website design and SEO services.

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Our Values

Our core values include honesty, integrity and timely delivery of service.

Our main objective is to provide learning tools and materials that will assist people of all categories in acquiring skills that will make them employable or employers of labor.

Our Commitment 03
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Our Commitment

We consult with experts and professionals in different fields and trades to develop courses that will help you build a career in any industry. Our Courses and tutorials future:

Mind Development
As part of our mission, we engage in shaping and developing young minds to take control of the future.

Creative Education
We assist people in embracing creativity by engaging their innate capability and collaborating with relevant partners.

Inclusive Participation
Also, we are building a community of skilled, creative and productive people that will make the society a better place.

Our Services

We delight in giving you the best, select a service from our service categories.


You can upscale your skill with zero or tiny budget with our available training courses

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