CSS3 for Beginners: An Introductory Tutorial

CSS3-Introductory Tutorials for Beginners

This course is your second course in web designing. In this course, CSS3 for beginners: An Introductory Tutorial, you will learn the basics of styling a webpage using the  CSS syntax. Among others include the different CSS selectors, the DOM, and the box model.

Before now, we have been working with HTML. From what we have learned so far, we should have understood that all the elements and their respective attributes will help us build a fantastic website.

We can build a fantastic website with all the links, hyperlinks and navigation menu included. In fact, the website can have interaction with users through the inclusion of audio, video, maps and form objects.

However, the content of the website will be presented in a simple text-rich format without aesthetics, and without any content presentation format. This course,

CSS3 for Beginners: An Introductory Tutorial

will lay a foundation on how to styles and beautify your webpages.

With HTML, we can form the building block and structure of a website, but the site presentation and appearance are the work of CSS. Both go hand in hand. CSS3 for beginners will teach you the styling of webpages.

In this course, “CSS3 for Beginners”, we shall begin with the definition of CSS, then we look at the DOM (Document Object Model) and CSS syntax. We’ll go ahead to the different types of CSS selectors. After which we shall look at the pseudo-class selectors and pseudo-elements selectors. We then conclude with the box model.

Add this knowledge to your HTML knowledge and start building a production website.

At all times, you can also read the text version of this course which is split into different topics. In the text version, you will have the opportunity to work with the codes. You can play around with the codes. But I will advise that you produce your own codes and work with them.

Course Content

Total learning: 28 lessons Time: 5 weeks



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