anatomy and physiology of desmodium ramosissimum

Studies On The Anatomy And Physiology Of Desmodium Ramosissimum (G. Don) As A Phytoindicator And Phytoremediator On Crude Oil Polluted Soil

Desmodium ramosissimum is a genus of approximately 400 species and a shrub/herb from the family of Fabaceae. This thesis discussed the anatomy and Physiology of Desmodium Ramosissimum as a phytoindicator and phytoremediator on crude oil polluted soil. Get the complete thesis.
types of charts in Excel - stacked area

Types of Charts in Excel and Their Uses

There are different types of charts in Excel that are used to simplify data analysis and visualization.
Microsoft Excel has columns, lines, pie, doughnut, bar, area, scatter, and more charts to choose from. Excel 2016 included other charts types including treemap, sunburst, histogram, box and whisker, waterfall, and funnels.