Data Analysis

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Data Analysis

We are aware of the knowledge limitation of many students and undergraduates in the area of data analysis and interpretations. Research work is a requirement for the award of an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in various institutions.

Our job is to assist students to code and analyze their research data using statistical software. In cases where such students cannot interpret the analyzed data, we may assist such students. Moreover, it is the student’s responsibility to gather and upload the data required for analysis. Choose the solution you seek below:

Econometric Analysis

We will help you to analyze your time series and cross-sectional data

We will assist to estimate:

  • Linear regression
  • Simultaneous equation coefficients
  • R-squared adjusted
  • Autoregression and multicollinearity
  • Normality.

Statistical Data Analysis

We will help you to analyze your raw data. Whether you used CRD or RCBD.

We will help you with your:

  • Descriptive data analysis
  • Graphical data analysis
  • Chi-square analysis
  • T-test 
  • Mean difference analysis
  • ANOVA analysis

Interpretation of Results

We will help you interpret the results of econometric or statistical data analysis.

We will assist you:

  • Peruse your research work, especially, Chapter one
  • Interpret the results of data analysis
  • Test for hypotheses
  • Complete your chapter four only