Our 13 Most Read Articles in 2021

13 most read articles in 2021

Welcome to 2022!

We thank God for bringing us into another year, 2022. We at Kmacims, want to appreciate you our esteemed readers and contributors for being part of our community.

The LORD who has brought you will keep you all through 2022. The year 2022 will leave you better than it met you, in Jesus’ name.

This year, we will be bringing to you educative articles that will help you in your careers. Our focus this year will be on:

  • Creating video tutorials to assist you to get an in-depth understanding of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Sharing articles on Business & Finance
  • Delivering relevant articles on Web designing & management, and
  • Creating financial templates to assist you with your startup business plans

We encourage you to remain with us, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and help us share our articles and videos. We appreciate you and do not take this for granted.

Before we go, let us show you some of the articles you and our readers love most in 2021. You might find them helpful.

13 Most Read Articles in 2021

  1. What is an altar in the Bible: Purposes and Importance: Many Christians usually ask the question, what is an altar? An altar can be seen as a structure upon which offerings are made for religious purposes. It is usually a raised platform with a flat surface. There are over four hundred references to altars in the Bible.
  2. Identifying 7 Stages of Business Growth for Small Businesses: When a business begins to grow, it faces different challenges depending on the stage of business growth. It is, therefore, necessary for small businesses to understand these stages of business growth. A good understanding of the different stages of business growth will help any business to position itself for success.
  3. Features of a Healthy Church Growth: Church growth is good, but is it healthy? In continuation with our analysis on church growth strategies, we discussed the features of a healthy church.
  4. Impact of Small-Scale Business on Growth of Nigerian Economy: The impact of small-scale businesses cannot be overlooked in any part of the world. This study used the linear regression model to evaluate the impact of small-scale enterprises on the Nigerian economy.
  5. Cash Flow Statement Template: Pig Farming Business: This cash flow statement template was specifically designed to assist those in the pig farming business. The template is useful for determining expected capital, profit/ loss, loan repayment, cash flow balance, etc.
  6. Romans and Galatians: A Theological Analysis: The books of Romans and Galatians equip the Christians with the gift of grace and faith in the Lord. While emphasizing that righteousness is not of work or the law, Paul made a call to focus on Christ. Christ is the source of grace and righteousness.
  7. INDEX MATCH Function with Multiple Criteria In Excel: The INDEX MATCH function is used to perform a two-way lookup to extract values from a data table. It is used as a substitute to vlookup multiple criteria in Excel before the introduction of the xlookup function.
  8. 10 Free Spreadsheet Software for Personal and Business Use: There is well-known commercial and proprietary spreadsheet software that overshadows the free spreadsheet apps. Yet, there is great free spreadsheet software that outclassed their commercial counterparts but is not known. This article introduces you to the free spreadsheet software that you can use in the place of the commercial ones.
  9. What is Microsoft Word: A Practical Overview: To address the question, what is Microsoft word office, we look at the purpose of Microsoft word processor. Microsoft Word is a word processor or word processing application developed by Microsoft. Word processing applications are used for simple and complex document editing, including designing and printing.
  10. The AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS Function in Excel: The AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS function in Excel are predefined functions that calculate the arithmetic mean based on specified criteria. You can use either function to calculate the average value of a range of data when they meet specified conditions.
  11. What is Word Processing Fundamentals?: Word processing is the act of using a word processor to create, edit, customize, preserve and print a document. Word processor is a computer program that facilitates word processing, a good example is Microsoft Word.
  12. What is Xlookup Function: Easy Vlookup Multiple Criteria: Vlookup and Xlookup functions are used to extract values in a table of data in Excel. Both are used to query a data table and extract items or values in an Excel table or range. The Xlookup function can be seen as a vlookup multiple criteria.
  13. Paragraph Formatting in a Word Document: Paragraph formatting is a process of organizing and arranging texts in a document to follow a stipulated pattern. It is a process that uses alignment, bullets & numbering, spacing, and indentation commands to make documents presentable.

In case you have not seen some of them, check them out. If you find them useful, keep sharing them with your friends and colleagues.

Once again, Welcome to 2022!

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