number formats in excel

Formatting Numbers and Worksheet in Excel

A worksheet in Excel is a collection of cells organized in columns and rows as in a table. A worksheet is a workspace where a user enters data and performs the necessary computations on data. By default, Excel 2016 has one worksheet. You can add more sheets in a workbook, but one worksheet will always be active at a time.
what is conditional formatting

Conditional formatting in Excel: Uses and Applications

Conditional formatting in Excel is an important tool used for effective data analysis. It is a tool that helps you identify and critically visualize cells that have patterns and trends using colors.
It is an interesting data analysis tool that identifies cell variations based on true data conditions. When conditions are specified, cells appearances may vary in compliance with the specified conditions. In this tutorial, we discussed what is conditional formatting in Excel and how to use them in your datasets.
import data from external source

Entering and formatting data in Excel: Tutorial 2

Entering data in Excel is the same as typing text and numbers into the cells in an Excel worksheet. Formatting data in Excel is a process of modifying and customizing the texts and numbers entered. There are three methods of inserting data in a worksheet. We discussed how to enter data and format cells in a worksheet.