Web Design Course for Beginners: HTML5 Basics

Course Content

Total learning: 41 lessons / 6 quizzes Time: 8 weeks

Why Web Design?

Information technology has brought great innovation in different industries of the world. One of its implications is the growing globalization and dependence of nations on others. World-renowned industries are continually competing with others around the world. Yet when you create a product that nobody knows, your market will be limited to your geographical location. 

To take advantage of technology and spread the news of one’s ideas, innovations, and products, web design is what usually comes to mind. It helps industries and businesses reach out to the world through the internet and create a vast market which is not limited by location.

This course is for everyone who desires to put up the image of a company for others to see, for those who want to have the world as their global space for doing business; and for those who wish to make web designing their profession. 

Learn the technology behind the best websites you see when you browse the internet.