anatomy and physiology of desmodium ramosissimum

Studies On The Anatomy And Physiology Of Desmodium Ramosissimum (G. Don) As A Phytoindicator And Phytoremediator On Crude Oil Polluted Soil

Desmodium ramosissimum is a genus of approximately 400 species and a shrub/herb from the family of Fabaceae. This thesis discussed the anatomy and Physiology of Desmodium Ramosissimum as a phytoindicator and phytoremediator on crude oil polluted soil. Get the complete thesis.
dormancy and seed germination of plant

Dormancy and Seed Germination of Four Different Plant Species of the Family Leguminosae

Studies on dormancy and seed germination of four different plant species of the family leguminosae which includes, Centrosama pubescens, Sesbania sesban. Sesbania rostrata and Clitoria ternatea were carried out. This involves the use of dormancy-releasing methods like the use of the chemicals; Sulphuric Acid (H2 SO4 ), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 O2), Ethanol (C2 H5 OH), Methanol (CH3 OH), and Potassium nitrate (KNO3), Hot water treatment, and hormones like Gibberellins and Kinetin.
Conclusion & Recommendations

Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendations

This last chapter looked at conclusion and recommendations. This study’s main goal is to identify the effects of marital conflicts on the academic development of students in senior secondary schools. The church-administered senior secondary schools in Umuahia Education Zone was used as a case study.
Methodology, population & Sample

Chapter 3: Methodology, population & Sample

This chapter discusses the methodology used by the researcher to carry out the investigation. The chapter covered the research design, area of study, population of the study, sample and sampling techniques, instrumentation, administration of instrument, and method of data analysis. The research method used in this research is the survey method.
Review of the Effects of Marital Conflict on Academic Development of Students

Chapter 2: Review of the Effects of Marital Conflict on Academic Development of Students (A Study)

This chapter deals with the opinion of scholars on issues relating to the effects of marital conflict on academic development. The chapter is divided into the following subheadings: Theoretical framework of the study: the concept of conflict, causes of marital conflict, effects of marital conflict on children, effects of marital conflicts on academic development, and the relationship between marital conflict and examination malpractices.