evangelism and soul-winning

Hindrances To Evangelism And Soul-winning: A Case Study

The primary purpose of the study was to survey and evaluate the hindrances to evangelism and soul-winning, using Assemblies of God Nigeria, Ali-Udo District as a case study. Four research questions were addressed. Data were analyzed using simple percentages. It was found that evangelism and soul winning has a significant role in church growth.
creating and formatting tables in MS Word

Creating and Formatting Tables in Microsoft Word

Creating and formatting tables seems to be difficult for those beginners in Microsoft Word. In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily create, edit, and format tables in any word document. There are 5 ways to insert or create a table in an MS Word document. Each of these methods is necessary depending on the kind of table you want to create.
Christianity and culture of akwa ibom people

Impact of Christianity and Culture of Akwa Ibom People

In most cases, Christianity and culture do not go hand in hand. This is because most Christian values oppose the culture of the people. The cultural heritage of a people is often valued, though with the interjection of other forces of change. Religion is an immensely important dimension of society and may amount to some aspects of culture becoming sublime. How do Christianity and culture play out?