Creating Document in MS Word

creating document in MS word

Creating document in MS Word is a process of using a template or blank document template to design a prototype and readable document for personal or official use.

To create a document, you will need a word processing application installed in your computer system. You might also use online word-processing apps such as Google Docs, Zoho Writer, Pages, Office online, etc.

There are different word-processing desktop applications that you can use to create a document. Some of them are Pages for Apple devices, WordPerfect for Windows only, and LibreOffice for Linux, Windows, and Mac. In this tutorial, our emphasis is on creating a document using Microsoft Word only.

Creating Document in MS Word

Creating document in MS Word begins with saving a new document or by creating a file. There are two options:

  1. Create a document from available templates
  2. Start with a blank document template

Every document created will be saved to allow us to have access to them in the future. Also, every change made to a document requires saving to sustain the changes. This means that when something is added or removed from a document, it must be saved to sustain the changes. Before we delve into creating different kinds of documents, let us understand how to save a document. This is the process of creating a file. You can create a file in any compatible application using a similar method.

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