Why Summarizing is Important for Teachers and Students

what is summarizing and its importance

Summarizing is the process of reducing a lengthy content into a smaller one such that the meaning is not lost. The summary will retain all the facts and relevant information of the original passage but would be smaller in length. It is quite different from paraphrasing, but both are useful writing skills.

Summarizing can help students, journalists, researchers, and teachers in the following ways:

  • Read and understand a passage quickly
  • Save time during the information scouting and gathering process
  • reduce the amount of information consumed at a time, and
  • increase efficiency and productivity in business

Whether you’re a researcher, journalist, teacher, or student, it is obligatory to understand the basics of the summarization process. In this article, you will learn the meaning, importance, and summarizing tools to enhance the summarization process.

Let’s get started.

What is Summarizing?

Summarizing is one of the writing techniques that is used to convey the important points of any lengthy content in the form of a short passage.

It contains all the main and significant points that anyone can understand the central concept of that lengthy content by just going through its summary.

Thus, an accurately written summary plays an important role in the minds of readers. And if it is not so, then it can spoil the meaning of the content and have a bad impact on the audience.

The purpose of summarizing is to make complex content into its simplified form by just highlighting the main points. While summarization, there is no need to add any additional or unnecessary information.

All you have to do is to just portray the central idea of the text by means of simple and easy words.

Summarization can easily be carried out by using an online summarizing tool that can summarize a topic in just a short turnover.

Need Of Summarizing in Academic Field

Whether you’re a writer or a learner, the one thing you will always need is the main idea and conceptual knowledge about your concerned topic. So, if we talk about conceptualization, no one can clear his concepts without understanding.

A summary works best to meet the demands of better understanding and learning as we get to know things in a more easy and concise way.

Now, if we talk particularly about academic set-up, then summarizing is a strategic way to enhance the effectiveness of learning methods. Therefore, teachers and students use the summarization method to learn more productively.

For a better understanding of the need for summarization for teachers and students, keep reading this article.

For teachers

Summarization works magically if we specifically talk about teaching. The reasons why teachers use the summarization technique are as follows.

  • To exclude unnecessary information that may confuse the students. Summarizing helps a teacher focus on what is important rather than what is unnecessary.
  • To convey the central idea of the context for a better understanding. Students are able to understand the concept being taught easily and faster.
  • To briefly describe the main points of content for clarification. The keywords and central truth of a passage are described more accurately for a clearer understanding of the students.
  • To deliver a clear and short message. Teachers are able to convey the information required in concise and accurate tenses.

For students

The learning process only starts when there is simple enough information for students to understand. These are some reasons why students need summarization.

  • To get a better understanding of content. Students are able to extract the most important elements of a text and constructively use them in discussions and analysis.
  • To memorize the important concepts and points of content. Summarizing helps students to improve their memory abilities and retention capabilities.
  • To derive the correct meaning of the topic within a context. It also helps the students to be more focused on deriving the actual meaning of the text. When he does, he improves his skills to understand the content within a short time.
  • To gain conceptual knowledge of content. The concept of a text may be hidden, but a good summarizing skill will help a student understand it.

How One Can Get a Command in Summarizing

Although summarizing is not rocket science, it takes some tips and tricks along with the skills that are must be required for summarization. Any of you who is willing to get a grip on summarizing can only work on the following skills.

The skills that are required for getting a constructive piece summary are as listed below.

  • Deep analysis: To effectively summarize a text, you must understand the concept of deep analysis. This means studying and analyzing in detail the concept of a text with clarity of understanding so as to extract relevant key phrases.
  • Research: This enables you to consult in greater detail relevant information in relation to the context. Research skills help students and teachers to be grounded in a topic and stand out as an authority. This is because you gain more knowledge and insights into the theory and real-world applications of a concept.
  • Observation: This enables you to participate in the process of knowledge gathering. To be skillful in the act of summarization you should be observant when reading content as well as what is happening around you.
  • Practice: It is often said that practice makes for perfection. To be skillful, you should practice how to summarize using varying content.
  • Reading: Reading is an important skill that will help you to understand a concept and gain knowledge. Improve your reading skills.
  • Attention: Last but not least is attention. This is important because it helps you to focus on what is relevant and ignore irrelevant points.

Strategy of summarization

Summarizing tools are very beneficial in summarizing lengthy topics within a few minutes. But if a person wants to summarize by himself then keep reading this article to get a step-by-step tutorial on summarizing process.

So, it’s time to move directly toward the steps that are followed carefully for the summarization process.

Read carefully from top to bottom

First of all, you need to read the text thoroughly. In this way, you can get an insight into the concept that has been discussed in it. It also provides you to evaluate that what are the important points and concepts on which the title of the text relies.

By reading carefully, you can easily separate important and necessary information from a piece of irrelevant information.

Bring out important phrases

Now the next step is to find out all the important phrases that are important and convey the message of the text. For highlighting the main points, you have to be very cautious, as if you can’t pinpoint them accurately, your summary can not be productive.

Make sure that all the points you have brought out are significant ones and best reflect the message of the text.

Extract all the keywords

The next step after highlighting the main points of the text is to take out all the keywords from the important phrases. This is a very crucial step in the summarization process. To successively pick up keywords, you have to be ultra-specific.

You should be very careful in this step that all important points are necessarily added in summary by excluding all irrelevant information.

Compiling all the points

The last step of the summarization process needs your creativity. As you just have to compile all the significant keywords in the form of a description that also gives a complete sense of the text. Make sure that you have also interlinked all keywords to make meaningful sense.

By using transition words, you can perfectly create a meaningful connection between all the key points of the text.

Uses of Summarizing Technique

The summarization process is a skill-based technique that must be taught to students to polish their writing skills. Students use the summarization process for various reasons.

  • Abstract Writing: When researching students write their research article, they need to write an abstract of their article. In order to write an abstract, they have to write a summary of their research method.
  • Precis Writing: Precis has been included in the syllabus of students. This is so practiced so that students can learn how to take out important points from that paragraph to give a short description of that passage.
  • Synopsis Writing: A synopsis is also needed to carry out research. The synopsis includes a summary of the method of research that has been used by students. For this purpose, students must know about summarization techniques.
  • Conclusion Writing: For writing any type of conclusion, students need to learn summarizing methods to write the essence of the content. Concluding lines must reflect the central idea of the content.

Summarization Tools

Summarization tools perform automatic summarization using the full text in order to identify important phrases. Some use abstracts, keywords, or summary-like structures when the full text is not available.

While some technologies tend to provide incomplete summaries of the original content, others tend to produce grammatically accurate summaries. In order to better communicate the primary ideas, they could interject sentences.

There are hybrid approaches that mix language models and grammar models. Some automatic text summarization technology uses a language model to capture the content of sentences and a grammatical model to guarantee that they are syntactically valid.

In order to accurately capture the meaning and style of the original text, recent research has moved toward the automated summarizing of text utilizing natural language processing (NLP) approaches.

Based on whether they construct their summaries by extracting or abstracting information from the complete texts, summarization systems can be divided into different categories. While extraction-based summarizers select a group of key sentences that are most pertinent to the document’s subject, abstraction-based summarizers extract sentences that are typical of a certain section of the whole text.

The way a text is summarized, the algorithm that is employed, and the preferences of the user are only a few of the variables that affect how effective a system is. The amount of text that readers must read in order to comprehend a document’s major points has been proven to be decreased overall using summarizing systems.

Some of the summarization tools that you can use to perform summarization automation are listed below. These tools are online summarizing tools that will help you perform quick and easy summaries.

Summarizing tool

This online text summarizer helps to summarize the content for an educational career or official use. The tool is developed by using the latest AI technology to give accuracy and efficiency for making an overview of an article.

summarizing tool for summaries

This summary generator doesn’t change the meaning of the original content. The online summarizing tool has significant features which include:

  • Precise Summary – it uses Advanced AI to Summarize
  • Versatile Results          
  • Multilingual
  • 100% Free – you can perform unlimited text summarization

Simply copy and paste the text or upload the document into the tool and click on the Summarize Now button. Your summary will be ready within seconds.


Summarizing-tool helps you to summarize, analyze and make a conclusion for your texts, your articles, your scientific texts, your history texts as well as your well-structured analysis work of art.

Summarize in 1-Click, go to the main idea or skim through so that you can then interpret your texts quickly and develop your syntheses.

The tool has the following features.

  • Free of Charge
  • Unlimited text summarization
  • AI Summarizer
  • Upload or paste the content
  • Download the summary as a PDF from our summary generator
  • Download the summary as DOC from our summarizing tool
  • Website summarization with URL

Before clicking on the Summarize button, select the size of your summary (short, or long).

Summarizing tool – multi-language text summarizer

The online text summarizer makes it possible to create a brief, clearer version of a text without any contextual and grammatical errors. It can shorten any type of content and create its summary instantly. Most importantly, it is accessible, accurate, and efficient enough to help you summarize more effectively.

summarization automation tool

The features of this tool include:

  • Error-free summaries
  • AI-based summaries
  • Free unlimited access
  • Multi-lingual – up to 15 different languages.

Summarizing tool.org

A summarizer tool is a great ai based algorithms summarizer tool that can summarize a full article in a short time. It’s an online tool that can summarize unlimited words with AI-Based quality. A AI advanced algorithms, Summarizing tool will provide you best points from a long article or document.

summarizing and summarization

Now a day, Text summarizer is very usable for writers, bloggers, publishers, summarizing content developers, and researchers. It will help anyone without reading the full article summarizing to know the best points.

The key features of this tool include:

  • 100% Free to use
  • AI Text Summarizer
  • Unlimited Text automatic summarization
  • Text into the shortened
  • Bullet points formation
  • show summarization percentage
  • Rating of the text
  • Original Meanings Preservation With Safety
  • Multiple Languages
  • Show the best sentence
  • Efficiency for making an overview


QuillBot’s summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents down to the key points instantly. QuillBot AI uses natural language processing to locate critical information while maintaining the original context.

quillbot summarization tool

It is a professional tool that has free and premium versions.

Summary tool

The summary tool is a top resource for generating an online summary of any article you read. The summary generator will provide the reader with only the most important points that they need to know about an article without giving too much detail or including unnecessary information.

This tool can be used by anyone, but it’s especially helpful if you are looking to learn more about a certain topic but don’t have time to read through an entire article. The summary generator will help you get the most important information in just seconds which is perfect for busy individuals that are always on the go.


This is another free online summarization tool that helps you capture important points of a topic or passage. With this tool, you can specify minimum sentence and word length. You can also summarize a URL while choosing the length of the summary in percentage.

summarizing an important skill for teachers and students


This tool can help you summarize and analyze your argumentative texts, your articles, your scientific texts, etc. Resoomer provides you with a “Summary text tool”: an educational tool that identifies and summarizes the important ideas and facts of your documents.

Editpad text summarizer

Text Summarizer is an online summarizing tool that allows you to summarize long texts, paragraphs, and articles with their main concept in one click.

It analyzes the entire document and summarizes the text by picking up the most important concepts.

To use this summarizing tool, follow the below guideline:

  • Write or paste the text in the above input box.
  • Click the Summarize button.

This summary tool will take all the important concepts, condense the input text and generates an accurate summarize text report within a fraction of a second.

Paraphrasing tool text summarizer

A text summarizer is an online tool that wraps up a text to a specified short length. It condenses a long article to the main points.

summarizing and summarization automation tool

The key features of this text summarizer include:

  • AI-powered text summaries
  • Multilingual support – supporting up to 8 languages
  • 100% free and unlimited usage

Outside the summarization automation tools listed above, you can tell us more about the tools you’ve been using over the years. Use the comment box below to communicate with us so I can include it in this list.


In this article, we have discussed the summarization process with its uses and needs. Moreover, summarizing tools are helpful to summarize any topic in just a few minutes. I hope you have understood all the concepts and have no confusion anymore regarding their need and significance. It is time to hear from you, kindly ask your questions and contributions using the comment box below.

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