Looking for the Best Alternatives to Quillbot – Check These 12 Tools

12 best alternatives to quillbot

QuillBot is one of the best online paraphrasing and summarizing tools you can use when writing. The tool is mostly used by writers including teachers, students, researchers, journalists, etc. I also find the tool very useful when paraphrasing or summarizing a text. However, its free version has limitations such as:

  • Maximum paraphrasing word count of 125
  • Signing up to perform subsequent paraphrasing
  • Upload restriction, etc.

In my search to overcome these limitations, I came across some alternatives to QuillBot. The good thing is that some of them are 100% free.

These Quillbot alternatives are reliable and can produce quality output to improve your writing skills.

They are simple to use, fast and can produce efficient results without you spending a dime. In this article, I listed 12 alternatives to Quillbot that you can rely on when writing.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a supercharged productivity tool that makes articles and content faster and easier through smart paraphrasing.

This online tool allows you to paraphrase and edit your text within seconds, allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most.

The tool lets you rephrase, create and edit the content of different types, and you can choose from templates to get help creating content faster.

It offers several features that make writing more efficient, including:

  • Faster editing: The Quillbot editor uses an algorithm to analyze your text and suggest improvements.
  • Leveraging your writing style: Quillbot uses natural language processing technology to understand your writing style and suggest ways of improving it without being intrusive. It also helps you build a writing style that best suits your needs by suggesting new ideas based on previous drafts.
  • Collaboration tools: The tool has a built-in commenting system that allows multiple users to collaborate on a document at once or split up tasks among them. You can also share documents with other users through email or cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Why look for Quillbot Alternative

Quillbot is gaining traction worldwide, but this particular tool may not be everything for many people. Different writers need different features to satisfy their content creation requirements.

Some of the reasons writers may desire Quillbot alternatives include, but are not limited to the following.

Character restrictions

One of the biggest reasons why most people tend to look for Quillbot alternatives is character restriction. The free version will not allow you to paraphrase more than 125 words at a time. Any attempt to do that will truncate other lines of text.

Thus, you need subsequent pasting of text to paraphrase text with more than 125 words. This is time-consuming and may change the final meaning of the paraphrased text since they were paraphrased in chunks.

Unnatural outcome

Depending on the mode in use, the paraphrased text sometimes doesn’t make sense to a common reader. This makes it difficult for the writer to push through with the writing. At times, the resulting output may likely contain errors – which are not feasible to publish online.

Restriction on uploading content

If you try to upload multiple write-ups, you will see a restriction from Quillbot. This is what makes it less adaptive to writers.

Keeping these reasons in mind, the best alternatives to Quillbot are being sought by distinguished writers.

The remaining part of this article is dedicated to the 12 best Quillbot alternatives you can choose from.

12 Best Alternatives to Quillbot

If you are looking for the best alternative to Quillbot, you have come to the right place.

We have listed some of the best alternatives to Quillbot that you can use to make the most of your content creation endeavors.

Here is a list of 12 tools that will help your productivity and also save you time.

1.     SpinBot

quillbot alternatives - spinbot

The next alternative to Quillbot is SpinBot. It lets you rephrase the content of a greater length, so you don’t have to face restrictions. It lets you rewrite content quickly without leaving flaws in the spun content.  

One of the common reasons why people do not like text spinners is because they hate seeing content with a bunch of grammatical errors.

Spin Bot is the tool you can count on if you are looking for a faster way to get your content transformed and rewritten in a sensible way.

2.     Rephraser.co

Rephraser - a paraphrasing tool

Rephraser.co has quickly become a popular tool for paraphrasing text online.

It is gaining quick traction because of its ability to generate thoughtful and impactful paraphrased output from the source material.

The tool works online, and that’s why it does not need you to download and install any program on your device.

Universal access makes it even better for those who are always on the go. Unlike Quillbot, This online rephraser lets you rephrase 500 words at a time which is a good text length for someone who needs to rephrase text of a greater length.

The quality of the paraphrased text is impressive since the sentence structure and text flow are not disturbed when you get the output.

You can always export the resulting rephrased text in PDF and Word documents. This tool also has an android application available on the play store.

A dedicated Android app can help you rephrase text on the go without even visiting the website.

3.     Paraphrase-online.com

rephrase online - article rewriter

Paraphrase Online is the next tool in our ranking of paraphrasing tools. The fact that this website is free, easy to use, and quick is its best feature.

Additional features like exporting to Dropbox, importing from files, or sharing options are not available. For input text (typed or pasted) and the outcome, there are just two boxes.

Rephrasing your material is easy with the help of Paraphrase Online. You can work more quickly and efficiently with this tool because of its straightforward user interface.

To use the tool, just enter or copy and paste the sentences you wish to edit, then click on paraphrase. No registration is necessary to use or access Paraphrase Online.

Even though this tool is good at paraphrasing phrases, it’s still advisable to review the work to make sure your audience can understand it.

4.     Article rewriter tool

article rewriter tool -

Article rewriter tools automatically reword the information you provide into a variety of variants without affecting the content’s true meaning. Your text will be revised while keeping the first purpose or feeling of the text.

This tool is free and gives you the opportunity to spin up to 10000 words at a go. One thing that goes well with this tool is its ability to rewrite your text with first-class precision.

There are key features that make this tool a great Quillbot alternative, some of which include.

  • Deep spinning – which makes it able to produce high-quality output
  • Ease of use – Its interface is not complicated, also you don’t need to register before using the tool.
  • Expanded vocabulary – it offers a variety of synonyms that do not alter the meaning of the original text.

With this tool, you’ll get accurate results free from plagiarism.

5.     Jasper AI

Jasper AI - paraphrasing and rewriting tool

Jasper is a credible tool that helps you paraphrase in seconds. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Jasper has paraphrasing features that a present-day writer would need to create a copy suitable for any situation.

For instance, you can paraphrase text for medial social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other accounts. Likewise, you can rephrase content for blog posts, newsletters, landing pages, paid ads, and even more.

All you need is to provide input according to your requirements, and Jasper will quickly provide you with the relevant output – eventually saving you a lot of time and effort.

Jasper has an intuitive interface – making it easier for newbies to paraphrase content faster. It also helps you paraphrase content that is free from grammatical errors. It adapts according to your requirements.

You can use Jasper as a Quillbot alternative. Start by claiming the free 10000 words. If you love what you saw, then subscribe to any of the plans starting at $40/month.

6.     WordTune

wordtune - a quillbot alternative

WordTune lets you boost your writing by providing you with a bunch of suitable alternatives to a given sentence as a smart sentence rephraser.

You can check out the list of outputs the tool generates against the source text and choose the ones you think can work well with your requirements.

The tool can be used to satisfy diverse needs, such as paraphrasing, summarizing, and expanding your content.

The tool does not just let you rewrite content rapidly but also removes potential grammatical mistakes and errors in the final output.

That means you will not have to work on the draft to find errors and fix them before the content goes live.

They have a Chrome extension allowing you to rewrite text from within the webpage.

7.     Word AI

quillbot alternative - word ai

Looking for a way to paraphrase content faster and more efficiently? Word AI is something you can trust as a good Quillbot alternative.

This is a great way to create content even when the deadline is looming.

The free trial lets you rephrase the content, but there are three additional paid packages that you can get for an enhanced experience.

It was developed in 2011 by Alex Cardinell, and since then, it has been performing well in satisfying the content creation requirements of writers, bloggers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs.

8.     Paraphraser.io

quillbot alternative - paraphraser.io

As one of the top paraphrasing tools, Paraphraser.io is completely free.

This tool is great for paraphrasing any content, just like Quillbot, but it also includes several other important features like text summarizing, article rewriting, citation generation, grammar checking, and plagiarism checking.

There are three different paraphrasing modes available on the free paraphraser.io website: Fluency, Standard, and Creative.

The “Creative” mode paraphrases the text using sophisticated terminology, while the “Fluency” option concentrates on the content’s fluency.

The ‘Standard’ mode, which is the last, paraphrases the information using conventional methods. So, if you’re considering using this tool, it’s best to select the “Standard” mode.

9.     CleverSpinner

quillbot alternative - cleverspinner

Look no further if you’re seeking a tool to assist you in producing original material that your audience will find engaging and reading. On a word and sentence level, CleverSpinner can paraphrase your information.

Some paraphrased websites lack the finest resources for preventing the use of inappropriate synonyms. CleverSpinner employs artificial intelligence, thus it comprehends word meanings and may select suitable synonyms. You won’t have to spend a lot of time editing your work this way.

In addition to being readable, CleverSpinner rewrites information in a way that prevents plagiarism.

However, it requires a subscription after a 3-day free trial period. If the free trial satisfied you, you may pay $9.90 per month for full access.

10. Spinrewriter.com

spinrewriter an alternative to quillbot

Another cutting-edge tool to paraphrase your material is SpinRewriter. It lets you rewrite the text’s structure. It is a great tool for writers that enjoy using AI writing tools.

You can rewrite words, phrases, and paragraphs with the aid of AI using SpinRewriter. With the help of AI, SpinRewriter studies your material so that it can comprehend the meaning of your work completely. It then handles the labor-intensive task of paraphrasing for you, thus lessening your workload.

This tool uses high-tech capabilities, yet it’s surprisingly simple to use. You may test out SpinRewriter with a 5-day free trial. You can purchase the tool for $77 per year or $497 for a one-time, lifetime purchase.

11.  Spinner Chief

quillbot alternative

With the use of the online paraphrase tool Spinner Chief, you can rewrite your material to make it original and readable by others.

The tool analyses your material using natural language processing and AI to make it understandable to search engines.

Along with emulating natural language and part-of-speech analysis techniques, it also utilizes statistical replacement technology that selects the best statistical synonym for a phrase or word.

You may produce material that is nearly human-quality in this way. You can rotate phrases or sentences using more sophisticated features like an auto-grammar correction to get the finest rewritten content possible.

The more you use the tool, the more it adapts to your demands. It also polls its Cloud Thesaurus, which covers over 20 languages, to provide you with the finest synonyms.

Web and desktop versions of Spinner Chief 6 are available, as well as both free and premium plans. The free plan quickly creates original material and works well for fundamental spinning.

The premium editions are Elite $197, Ultimate $307, and Team $627. These premium versions feature NLP, AI, and other technologies for improved rephrasing outcomes. Team edition is great for teams since it makes it simple to develop content and manage team members.

12.  CoderDuck

alternative to quillbot

CoderDuck is a free online tool that spins or rewrites whatever material you have in seven different languages. It also serves as an article rewriter and paraphraser.

You may rewrite articles with only one click using the one-click paraphrase tool. This saves you the time and effort that you would have previously spent on content promotion.

This free tool creates excellent, easily accessible material in only a few seconds. You don’t need to register or sign up because the tool is completely free forever.

Each article that is produced is at least 90% plagiarized-free and operates without a hitch in all web browsers.


Quillbot is indeed a great writing tool for writers in different categories. However, its restrictions may leave you with the choice of other alternatives.

Here, are 12 free and premium alternative tools you can use to create impressive content online.

Now it’s your turn to reach out to us. Which tools do you think are great but were not included? Which ones do you think are not worth mentioning? Whatever the questions or suggestions are, kindly use the comment box below to respond to us.

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