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Information technology has changed business processes, information management, information dissemination, and commerce in recent times. Virtually everything we do has a link with technology.
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What is Microsoft Excel: Tutorial 1

What is microsoft Excel - opening excel 1
Microsoft Excel is a proprietary spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. Its first version was released for Macintosh in 1985 and later for Windows in 1987. MS Excel is an office productivity app that enhances productivity, especially, in the area of computations and analysis. It is loaded with formulas that help to perform statistical, engineering, mathematical, logical, etc., computations. In this tutorial, we shall take a look at what is Microsoft Excel and its key features.

The Page Layout: Microsoft Word Tutorials 3

page layout - Microsoft word tutorial
Page layout is a term that is used to describe all commands that help you position your document for printing. Setting up your document in Microsoft Word entails putting in place the pages, margins, and orientation of the document. How you effectively set these items up will affect the final look of your document when it is printed.

10 Free Spreadsheet Software for Personal and Business Use

free spreadsheet software - EtherCalc
There is well-known commercial and proprietary spreadsheet software that overshadows the free spreadsheet apps. Yet, there is great free spreadsheet software that outclassed their commercial counterparts but is not known. This article introduces you to the free spreadsheet software that you can use in the place of the commercial ones.

How to Manage Cloud Storage for Personal and Business Use [A Guide]

Manage cloud storage for free
The cloud is a safe and secure place to store personal and business files, whether for collaboration or sharing. To manage cloud storage, you will need to sign up with one of the numerous cloud service providers. Apart from the big names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, other cloud providers exist. Some of these cloud service providers give access to more free storage space than the big names. For example, Amazon gives 5gb, Microsoft 10gb, and Google 15gb but Blomp beta offers 20gb free storage space.