Philosophical Study of the Human Mind

study of the human mind: theory of the mind

The study of the human mind is not only important to the philosopher and the psychologist. Anyone who cares to understand human behavior should endeavor to understand the human mind. The human mind is a complex system that has evolved into what is known as the Theory of the Mind. In this article, you will learn that:

The Next Big Idea Behind Global Problems You Must Know

Global Problems, the next best solution

Advertisements Problems usually originate within. When such problems are not controlled by authorities, communities, government, and institutions, they become global problems. Almost everywhere, in our environment and every part of the world, the foundations of established institutions are in disarray. In our homes, schools, churches and government institutions, there are escalating problems. Most of these … Read more

How to Use the Creative Power of The Brain

Creative Power of The Brain

Advertisements We are often ignorant of the creative power of our brain. The brain has an enormous capacity to handle anything. Our understanding of how it functions will distinguish us from others. Have you thought about why you could not complete your daily tasks, even when you are excited about your accomplishments, and goals? Many … Read more

10 Ways to Develop the Creative Force of the Brain

Creative force of the brain

Advertisements In the past, a lot of research centered on the creative force of the right brain. But recent research has shown that the right-brain is not exclusively reserved for creativity. Both brain hemispheres work hand-in-hand to enhance the creativity in every individual. In today’s article, we shall discuss how best to develop the creative … Read more