Development of Information and the Computer System 1

Development of Information and the Computer System 1 1

This course on Historical development of information and the computer system is developed using the Junior Secondary School curriculum and is suitable for starters. Those who wish to write computer exams can also enroll in this course.

There are three sections:
  1. Technologies of different information ages
  2. Data and information
  3. Historical development of computers

The course teaches different civilizations from the stone age till the electronic age and technological inventions and innovations used during these civilizations.

The course is simple and narrative, it does not require any prerequisite.


Technologies of Different Information Ages: 

Stone Age and Bronze Age
Iron Age and Middle Age
The industrial age and Electronic Age

Data and Information:

The Concept of Data and Information
Information Transmission
Information Evolution
Data Processing

Historical Development of the Computer System:

Early and Mechanical Counting Devices
Electro-Mechanical Counting Devices
Electronic Counting Devices
Generations of Computers

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