What is Graphic Packages?

what is graphic packages

What is graphic packages? Graphic packages are mobile and desktop apps used to create and modify images. Different mobile, desktop, and cloud-based graphic packages are in use by millions of users today. Some of these graphic packages are classified as raster or vector graphics.

If you are new to basic computer operations, you will learn about word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and probably graphic apps. Graphic designing is a major skill used by businesses and organizations to communicate visual messages to their audience.

Computer graphic packages are one of the applications required in basic computer studies for Junior Secondary/high school students. It is used to teach students how to paint and create basic designs.

FRIDA'S Resto-Boutique
FRIDA’S Resto-Boutique by Jean-baptiste beaudelle is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

In nursery and elementary schools, children start early to learn creativity using drawing books. They learn how to color and draw basic shapes. In junior secondary school, they are introduced to computer graphics to learn how to paint and create designs.

This tutorial is created for junior secondary/high school students. At the end of this tutorial, you will know what is a graphic package and list 10 uses of graphic packages.

What is Graphic Packages?

A graphic package is application software used to create and modify shapes and images. It is a computer program or a mobile app that can be used to perform basic graphic operations.

Some of the basic operations you can perform with graphic packages include:

  • Creating basic drawings using preset shapes or free drawing tools
  • Applying and filling shapes with colors
  • modifying images of different degrees.
  • Importing images and shapes
  • Converting shapes to bitmap images
  • Scanning documents and images

However, the quality and kind of image or shape to be created depends on the type of graphic package.

Computer graphic packages have basic features that allow users to create and manipulate shapes and images. Some of these features are present in all the graphic package software. They include but are not limited to pencil, eraser, paintbrush, basic shapes, and editing tools.

List of 10 Uses of Graphic Packages

There are different uses of graphic packages. Each usage depends on the type of design you are creating. As a beginner, let’s list 10 uses of graphic packages.

  1. Scanning of documents and pictures: Graphic packages provide a tool that helps in converting hardcopy documents into softcopy in varying degrees of resolution. You can also scan pictures into the computer system using such apps.
  2. Editing shapes and images: Graphics packages can be used to modify shapes and images. Tools such as pencil, eraser, paintbrush, etc can be used to modify existing images.
  3. Create brand identity: With graphic packages like CorelDraw, you can create brand identity such as logo, business card, company letterhead, etc. Your choice of an app depends on the nature of the design. CorelDraw can be used to create simple and sophisticated designs.
  4. Digital printing and the printing press: Graphic packages are mostly used by print media to develop digital materials such as kindle and ebooks. They also have features that allow them to create and produce volume printing such as newsletters, books, magazines, etc.
  5. Develop and publish marketing materials: They can be used to create online and offline marketing materials such as flyers, banners, etc.
  6. Create and print brand-differentiating materials: Some graphic packages can be used to create visual materials for product differentiation. Product labels, packaging designs, t-shirts, cover designs, etc can be created using some graphic packages.
  7. Creation of communication patterns: You can create different communication patterns using graphic packages. For example, you can create concept arts, t-shirt designs, etc.
  8. Create visual patterns: You can also use graphic apps to create environmental design and visual patterns. Examples include creating signage, street signs, traffic signs, etc.
  9. Teaching and learning: Computer graphic software can be used to teach elementary graphics to students. Also, students use them to learn the basics of drawing and painting in school.
  10. View images: one of the most used graphic packages is to view images and pictures. Depending on the type, you can view images with different file extensions such as jpg, png, tiff, gif, etc.


This is a recap of what you learned so far in this tutorial.

  • Graphic packages are used to create and modify shapes and images
  • They are part of the junior secondary/high school curriculum.
  • They can be used to scan, create and edit digital and hardcopy materials.
  • Their uses include: creating brand identity, ebooks, adverts, product labels, and visual patterns.

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